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About Us

Professional in every aspect and with the desire to provide quality information to citizens across the UK, Ling Phones hearkened to the call and has since inception been the go to site for reliable and credible mobile phone news and reviews. We understand that not everyone is tech savvy or has a wrap on what’s going on in the mobile phone industry. In this regard, we have taken it upon ourselves to enlighten citizens on the latest mobile phone releases and outline specific features of various mobile handsets as they are released. If you are in a dilemma on what kind of phone to buy or simply want to know about its functionality before buying, we are the go to people.

We not only provide reliable and credible information but also ensure that the decision you ultimately make is as informed as possible. With a plethora of mobile phones that are released every single month, it can become daunting choosing the right handset. Ling Phones has made the process fairly simple by providing all the information you need on already released mobile phones and those that are expected to be released in the near future. We cover every detail ranging from the specifications to price. We believe that the satisfaction of our customers can only be achieved if they make decisions from an informed perspective.

We have within our ranks a dedicated and professional customer personal who are tech savvy and always on top of things in so far mobile phone releases are concerned. It doesn’t matter whether a phone was released last week or if it’s expected to be released next month. We always have information and review the best mobile handsets to ensure that the decision you ultimately make is not only informed but also wise in every aspect. If you have been struggling to find a site that can provide you with credible and up to date news on the latest mobile phone releases, Ling Phones is the place to be.